Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As promised, here are the pictures of the Superfine Merino and Cheviot wool blend I am hand spinning.  For the Phat Fiber samples, we included either red Wensleydale locks or sparkle to represent the berries, but mine does not have either.  I just love spinning this.  The Cheviot gives strength and durability to the Merino and the Merino helps soften the Cheviot.  A perfect match :)

"Strawberry Ice Cream" (hold the berries, please)

We are still washing fleece.  I've been washing a fleece that we purchased last year at the Indiana Fiber and Music Festival and I have lost all the information.  I don't know what kind of sheep it is nor who it was purchased from.  I've taken pictures so if anybody wants to weigh in, that would be wonderful!

approximately 3 1/2 inches

Still much more fleece to wash.  I'm going to try to get another batch done before bed....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

After a short breather from the Indiana Fiber and Music Festival and the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, we are going strong again.  I've worked on a couple of custom orders and helped dye the samples for Phat Fiber while Kaylina has been furiously working on making the batts and tagging the fiber to send off to Phat Fiber headquarters. 

Today we have been washing some sheep and alpaca fleece.  It's been slow going today so I am sure there will be many more days of washing.

I thought I'd share a couple of custom yarn orders I've dyed recently.

"Jamie" on Obsidian Fingering

"Ludo" on Granite Sock (yes, this yarn was inspired by Ludo on Labyrinth -- there will be a Labyrinth mini swap coming up soon on Ravelry and one of the swappers wanted yarn to represent Ludo)  She liked it so well she ordered 2 more.  I haven't pictures of those yet.

Almost forgot I spun this skein of handspun for a customer.  Kaylina dyed the fiber -- it is "Park Bench" on Polwarth. 

"Park Bench"

The theme for Phat Fiber's box this June is Ice Cream Social.  We had a gazillion ideas and changed our mind a million times.  We finally decided on "Strawberry Ice Cream".  This is a yummy mix of Superfine Merino and Cheviot.  Some of the batts have added sparkle and some have Wensleydale locks.  I absolutely love how the Superfine Merino and Cheviot blends together.  They work perfectly together.  I've been spinning a sample on my drop spindle and it is just wonderful!  I'll post pictures after I get a little more spun.  I'll be posting full size batts on Etsy soon.

"Strawberry Ice Cream"

Isn't this batt amazing.  Kaylina dyed it a couple of weeks ago and put it aside.  Last night she made it into a smooth batt.  It consists of Falkland, silk, bamboo, firestar and angelina.  I listed it on Etsy last night.  Although, if it doesn't sell soon, the temptation to spin it may overwhelm me! 

"Frosted Jewels"

Today, I also listed my popular Vintage Rainbow mini sets on Jasper Fingering.  They have been a hit on Granite Sock and I thought I'd see how they would be received on Jasper Fingering.

"Vintage Rainbow"

Thanks for taking a glimpse of our recent fiber adventures.  Off to wash more fleece!